School Supply Give Away Results In Riot

Louisville, Kentucky, a city that is roughly 78 percent white and 18 percent Black,has for three years been host to an event that draws thousands uponthousands of Black people for free back-to-school supplies.

This give-a-way of school supplies, mere amenities in Black people’s quest for the scholarship in athletics, has also been host to near Black people riots each of those years:

“Severalpeople were injured and 12 were arrested at the Russ Parr bus tourThursday morning at The Kentucky International Convention Center.About4,000 (sic) teenagers and young adults poured into the streets, jumpingon police cars, blocking traffic and getting into serious fist fights.

“PoliceChief Robert White says they are still deciding about the future of theevent.This was the third year there has been some sort of controversyat the event.”

Three years now of near riots over school supplies, as Black people inLouisville are so desirous of collecting free amenities in their questfor athletic scholarships they will engage in violent behavior with nofear of being arrested. That is dedication to getting a scholarship (video of the event here).

Yet another story of the event paints an even more depressing picture of what transpired in Louisville at the free, back to school supply give-a-way and concert:

“It was violence and chaos on the streets of downtown Louisville Thursday morning. Police had to take control of a brawl that involved thousands of teens.

It was supposed to be a positive event –a nationally-known radio host sponsoring a free concert and andback-to-school giveaway. But as the event was coming to an end, severalfights broke out and things quickly got out of control.

Aboutfour thousand youth attended the annual Russ Parr concert andback-to-school giveaway at the convention center. It started out as acalm, positive event. That quickly changed as everyone left at the sametime. PRP senior Nechelle Walker says, “I was dancing with my friendand then this girl came up and I guess she wanted to battle and I wasdancing and she kept on bumping into me.”