New Poll Shows Obama Approval Dropping Among Key Supporters–Except Blacks

Near the bottom of the article: “The only ethnic category that did not see a decline in approval for thepresident was black Americans, where Obama received a 95-percentapproval rating, up one point from last week.”

The president’s support among Whites and Hispanics also declined, withonly 48 percent of white Americans approving of the president’sperformance–that marks the first time in July that a majority of whiteAmericans did not support the president.

While his approval rating is still high among Hispanics, Obama’s ratingthere also fell despite progress on the Supreme Court-nomination ofSonia Sotomayor. Gallup showed support for Obama among Hispanics fellseven points, from 79 to 72 percent.
According to Gallup, Obama also lost support along ideological lines with liberals and moderates leading the way.