Armed Censorship in Paris

Alleged terrorists arrested for bookstore attack

Jewish Defense League (JDL) gang members have been arrested in Paris after a terrifying violent attack on a “politically incorrect” bookstore. According to reports, the group of four burst into Librairie Resistances armed with clubs. The thugs ripped books off the shelves, destroyed them with oil, and smashed the computer and cash register. The attack on the bookstore is only the latest in a long series of similar incidents. As a result, the outside of the shop is sheathed in a protective sheet metal screen which has been plastered with JDL posters.

In “response” to the JDL attack the noxious “Movement against Racism and Friendship between Peoples” (, the Anti-Defamation League in the United States condemns the JDL as “extremist.”

The JDL is a violent hate organization founded in 1968 by the racist Michael “Meir” Kahane. His successor,, killed himself in jail while being held on terrorism charges after he plotted bomb attacks on a Southern California mosque and the office of Congressman Darell Issa, an Arab Christian.

The JDL has been implicated in a large number of serious crimes, with murder among them. Within France, the JDL is part of a large extremist network that has carried out serious violence against dissidents. In 1978, a young publisher named François Duprat was blown to pieces, and his wife permanently crippled by a car bomb set by a “Remembrance Commando” of the “Jewish Revolutionary Group,” part of what has been called the Zionist Terror Network. Another Frenchman, historical revisionist Robert Faurisson, then sixty, was beaten nearly to death by three young thugs calling themselves “The Sons of the Memory of the Jews.” An exhaustive examination of the international terrorism carried out by Zionists is found in the free online book, are attacks on ideas. The fact that some people would feel entitled to violently censor concepts and opinions they don’t like is partly an effect of government policies that effectively criminalize politically incorrect ideas and dehumanize the people who hold or espouse them.

Europe has become a dangerous place for dissidents. As Nick Griffin MEP stated in his have appeared in the media attempting to link the tiny number of crimes carried out by crazy people to politically incorrect ideas and opinions.

While governments and special interest groups with an anti-white agenda claim to eschew violence, at least in public, the lenient treatment of politically correct thugs, as well as the demonization of nationalists, is an invitation to “private” violence. What these governments and special interests want to do is far worse than episodic terrorist acts. They plan to forge and enforce laws, some of which have already been enacted, to criminalize dissent, using the legal powers of the state to fine and imprison people for what they think and say. In the United States,  an end run around the First Amendment has been achieved through “hate crimes” laws, Orwellian measures that penalize people for politically incorrect thoughts.

The criminalization of dissent has to stop, now.