Political Persecution By Multiculturalists

Proto terrorism is alive and well.

Political multiculturalism, like the communist and fascist ideologies from which it draws inspiration, has imposed so-called “racial vilification” laws upon Australia to jail or fine their political opponents for expressing free speech on immigration and racial issues. What’s next? Smashing windows and putting people in concentration camps? It should be remembered that traditional Australia never outlawed opposition to its immigration policies; in fact, we were one of the most advanced democracies in the world. Unlike fascist multiculturalism, Australian Protectionists draw inspiration from Australia’s democratic foundations.

In an event that tells us what life is like under undemocratic regimes, a young female member of an on-line anti-immigration group has been targeted by the media due to her views on immigration. Terrie-Anne Verney, who was an administrator of a Facebook group, has been sacked from the Griffith Community FM Association and has received threats from Third World migrants.

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and its “technology reporter” Asher Moses were no doubt well aware that there would likely be negative consequences for Terrie-Anne when they targeted her by contacting her employer (a multiculturalist radio station) to “discuss” her politics. The Sydney Morning Herald has long been a propaganda organ for political multiculturalism.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s actions against young Terrie-Anne were a blatant example of political persecution by pushers of Political Correctness. We should remember this sort of treatment is normally reserved just for white people and that it is an insipid form of anti-Australian racism. Political Correctness is not an abstract notion, but is an ideology based upon ruthless suppression of individuals, banning dissenting views and silencing freedom of speech.