L.A. Latinos Celebrate the Farce of July

Zero media coverage. Go figure. — Ed.

It’s payback time for white America.

“America’s Palestinians” are on the march, chanting “Ahora es la tiempo por audacia”!

Thousands of Latinos are gathering this Independence Day to celebrate the Farce of July.

This annual all-day concert and street fair is held on Cesar Chavez Avenue in East Los Angeles – – the heart of the barrio.

The event is sponsored by the Aztlan Underground to uphold the claim that the Southwest portion of the United States had been stolen from Mexicans and Mexican Americans by Yankee colonialists under the leadership of U.S. President James K. Polk.

Members of the Aztlan Movement and La Raza(of which Supreme Council nominee Sotomayor is a national director)seek to annex California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and southernColorado into a new nation: Republica del Norte, “the Republic of theNorth.”

Last year’s event poster

Sounds like a far-fetched idea save for the fact that the 56% of Mexicans and Mexican Americans, according to a Zogby poll, favor the reconquista.

The creation of a “Hispanic Homeland,” Charles Truxillo, professor, University of New Mexico, maintains, is “an inevitability” that should be brought into being “by any means necessary.”

But the “reconquista” won’t end with territorial occupation and secession. The final plan for the La Raza movement includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African, and Asian descent out of “Aztlan.”

Miguel Perez, a La Razaspokesman at Cal State-Northridge, says, “The ultimate ideology is theliberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlanis established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos wouldhave to be expelled — opposition groups would be quashed because youhave to keep power.”

And so, our new Supreme Court appointee and self-professed advocate of La Raza approves of the reformation of the United States, the creation of a separate Chicano country, and widespread ethnic cleansing. Other La Raza supporters who have appeared at Aztlan gatherings include George W. Bush, John (Juan) McCain, and Barack barrio-loving Obama.

The plans of La Razaand the Aztlan Movement may not raise conservative eyebrows, let aloneChristian opposition to Sotomayor’s ascendancy to the Supreme Court,save for the fact that La Raza and other Latino activist groups have expressed widespread anti-Jewish sentiments and support for radical Islam.

This finding is supported by articles in “The Voice of Aztlan” withsuch lurid titles as “That XXXXX Little Country Israel,” “Pat TillmanGot What Was coming to Him,” and “Osama bin Laden: the ‘Pancho Villa’of Islam.”