Diversity Enriches British Schools…

Rapes in London Schools Rise 100% as Third World Population Reaches 40% of Under 20s

The shocking sex crime figures werereleased by the Metropolitan Police yesterday. Of course they failed tolink it to the figures in the recent Whitehall’s annual Regional Trendsreport which revealed that more than 700,000 children and teenagers inBritain are classed as non-white, and make up 40 percent of that agegroup in London.

Overall, rapes have more than doubledin five years and reported sex assaults have shot up from 165 in 2004/5to 246 in 2008/9. The figures refer to cases on school grounds.

According to the new Met figures,almost 900 young boys and girls have been subjected to sex assaultsincluding rape in London’s primary and secondary schools in the pastfive years.

The Met says that children as young asfour have made allegations of rape. Commander Mark Simmons said thetotal of the reported sex assaults in independent and state schoolscould be as little as 10 percent of the real number occurring.

“We want to encourage young people tocome and tell us what has happened to them. We want to assure themaction will be taken,” Commander Simmons said, adding that the policehave already been forced to assign 180 full-time officers to specificschools in London.

The Met figures show 52 children underthe age of 18 were raped in primary and secondary schools since 2004.In that time a further 763 were the victims of other sexual assaultssuch as “penetration and inappropriate touching.”

Rape convictions rose in one year by 60percent to 32 in 2008/9, while the number of alleged rapes soared 50percent, from 10 to 15, in the same period.

Commander Simmons said the “peak age” of victims is 12 to 14, and mainly girls, but there are cases of boys being raped.

The Regional Trends report revealedthat it is estimated that a third of all of London’s population isnon-white, but this figure is to change dramatically as thepredominantly youthful population matures.

Three London boroughs now have majoritynon-white populations: Newham, Tower Hamlets and Brent. Around 15percent of young Londoners are classed as Asian and 14 percent as black.