‘Writer’ Says South African President Jacob Zuma Will Sort Out White People

“Whites should be “grateful that they were not shot on the day ofliberation.”

Continuing, he says that perhaps not enough whites havedied: “Perhaps it’s not too late to hang a few whites at the stadiumjust to remind them who’s in charge.”

“On second thoughts [sic],” the typical black anti-white hatemongeringwriter continues, “I think our people have been stupid.” While it mayappear as if a second of rational thought came to his mind, he thensuggests that white women should have been divided up among the blacks.”For one, why didn’t they divide white women amongst themselves? Butagain I don’t think it’s too late. Whites never stop complaining.”
He tells of how the “sight of white beggars” brings him “joy.” “Letthem taste the feeling,” he gleefully says, suggesting that whitesdeserve it. If they deserve, it is only because they allowed theirgovernment to be run by people like the insipid writer who cannotunderstand that South Africa’s success only came from its white rulers;and the rest of Africa, ruled by blacks, continues in tatters, whichSouth Africa will soon also face as whites increasingly leave or areslaughtered.”

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