The New “Czecha”

Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (right) 1877–1926 was a Polish Communist revolutionary, famous as the founder of the murderous Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, later known by many names during the history of the Soviet Union.

by Frank Roman

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Following his arrest in the Czech Republic on Friday April 24 Dr. David Duke, a former Louisiana State Representative, was released from custody by Czech authorities on April 25 Saturday. He had been accused of violating that country’s thought crime laws and arrested for “suspicion of denying the Holocaust” and advocating the “suppression of human rights.” After protests by Czech nationalists in front of police headquarters in Prague, and outraged demands for his release from around the world, high level Czech politicians (disguised as police officials) decided not to prosecute Dr. Duke.
At least not now.
But had they gone ahead and subjected him to a trial with a predetermined outcome, which is SOP, he would have faced three years in prison for holding the “wrong” opinion about historical events, political movements and social upheaval. Say what you want about Dr. Duke. Disagree with him or support him, like him or hate him, the fact remains that sensible persons know on an instinctive level that thoughts, whether they manifest in the spoken word or printed page, cannot wisely be used to level charges against a non-violent individual, even if that non-violent person says things we don’t want to hear.
Of course Dr. Duke isn’t the only person in the world to have been caught up in the enforcement of thought crimes and’ improper’ speech. Countless nation states are rife with this kind of discrimination. Europe is eaten alive with cultural Marxism, and to a somewhat lesser degree so is the United States which as most intelligent people already know, is masquerading as political correctness; ensnaring countless people in its bureaucratic talons. Non-violent innocent men, many with academic titles following their names, are now rotting away in European prisons because they may have hurt a few people’s feelings with their words. And you know if we don’t remain vigilant here in the United States the same thing could very well happen right under our noses.

In fact, it’s already begun.

Fighting to retain our right to freedom of speech articulated in the first amendment, and especially opposing so-called “hate crime” or “hate speech” laws which are always enforced against European-Americans but very rarely against others, we have once again discovered what will happen if we  stop to even take a breath. Witness the DOHS’s Janet Napolitano’s recent collaboration with the SPLC’s report on what constitutes “right wing extremism.”

Their description of extremism includes free speech, border enforcement, constitutional limitations on government, and gun rights. You see: anti-American oligarchs in Washington and Brussels know that once people like Dr. Duke are silenced the mission of further intimidating the masses with charges of ‘hate speech’ for example will be that much easier.

It was calculated overkill with malice aforethought which dictated that thirty armed military-styled police had to dramatically lunge into a public restaurant to arrest David Duke simply because his ideas and opinions run counter to EU bourgeoisie sensitivity. And you have to wonder what these insolent Marshall Plan recipients are thinking. They have facilitated the migration of millions of fanatic Sharia Muslims into their territories and allowed them to form enclaves of anti-white intolerance. Surely they know that in Britain alone 40% of British Muslims want Shariah law, 14% approved of attacks on Danish embassies in retribution for the famous Mohammed cartoons, 13% supported violence against those who insulted Islam, and 20% sympathized with the July 2005 London bombers. And that’s just what the more candid Muslims had to say publicly. Why were they not arrested for the “suppression of human rights” or violating racial hatred or hate speech laws, and what of the rest of Europe’s Muslims?

We can only guess, accurately I’m sure.

Emulating their former Bolshevik rulers, eastern European Czechs saw fit to arrest an American professor, a former legislator, who has never advocated the suppression of human rights such as free speech like the Muslims and the EU bureaucracy openly advocate. Ironically prior to Dr. Duke’s arrest he was going to give a lecture on extremism at Charles University but it was unceremoniously canceled by—you guessed it– extremist EU oligarchs.

Were they afraid he would incite the Sharia mongers? Forgetting that Marxists killed 100 million of the Czech Republic’s blood brothers during and after World War II while Islam has been openly voicing its lust to commit a thousand more Armenian bloodbaths, the creed of the Bolsheviks and the spirit of Allah are both on tap in the Czech Republic’s halls of power.

So why are they worried about David Duke? My guess is the last thing the bourgeoisie needed to see was a literate, free speech advocate from the United States reminding them of their corruption to a proletariat audience. Say what you will about Dr. David Duke. The man has guts.

Nevertheless, as their population continues to drop off Europeans as a whole are becoming more aware than ever of the menace to their well being and way of life. Blood and soil, tradition and people hood are taking on a new existence in print, in word and in the political process. The folks are finally turning their backs on the EU’s cronies, who have done little or nothing to address their problems. The working class has begun voting for parties with a nationalist bent who have dared to push back. The New Right has all but found its voice.

Meantime in the land of Dr. Dukes’ birth, Constitutional patriots, Christians, Buchanan type conservatives and other apprehensive citizens are increasingly in the cross hairs of the U.S. intelligence community as they try to ascertain what kind of threat we are by the things we say and write and do.

The American based internationalists in Washington are picking up the pace as they mark off the battle lines that could soon pit our own law enforcement and military forces against us; military and police who are the brainwashed children of their elders who spilled their blood in two fratricidal wars on the beaches and plains of Motherland Europa, and then declaring victory by handing over half of the continent to the Bolshevik psychopaths.
While the EU oligarchs declare that the ideas backed by Dr. David Duke and his incarcerated kinsmen, free speech and people hood, are unwanted in their bastardize translation of democracy, the exploding Muslim population on the soil of Rome is declaring its yearning to behead and enslave their European hosts over the least transgression against their pedophile prophet Muhammad. You cannot pacify psychotic killers nor can you placate their enablers.

The solution in all likelihood is an unthinkable one.

Stifling free speech did not come from a ballot box. Nor did the Muslim immigration conquest of Europe come from a proletariat wish list. Instead bureaucrats, elected under false pretenses, imposed the loss of free speech while Muslims took in the demise of the West with their mother’s milk; working in tandem with their Brussels enablers. Ever eager to strike down the professed will of the European people who reject the EU they want Dr. Duke and others to be made an example — like Guy Fawkes last dreadful moments on earth. At least one ethical soul in the Czech Republic’s American embassy should have publicly raised absolute hell over Dr. Duke’s arrest, even if he vehemently disagreed with him. Unfortunately it’s not much better here in the States.

In Europe the robust right wing nationalists were handed a revolting message from petty dictators. Any potential thinking, and speaking, outside of the political sandbox won’t be tolerated. The EU establishment arrested a high profile iconic American who dares utter the truth about concerns to his people; and you can be sure there are similar bureaucrats right here in the United States who just wish they could do the same thing on a regular basis.

In the United States, and right on the heels of the MIAC report, anti-militia, anti American screed dolloped together by the DOHS, Dr Duke’ arrest was supposed to have served as an impediment to those of us who oppose BHO’s mirrored implementation of the EU’s fascism, which as many know only too well will continue to be disguised as tolerance and sensitivity as it has been for the last 60 + years.

In truth I believe this brand of prejudice will backfire. Why? Simple. The soul of a particular race cannot exist without the specific blood of the race. Life demands diversity. By mixing an assortment of dissimilar people together, like the EU and American fascists want to do, and then arresting those who oppose it creates enmity and hate in the minds of thinking people. Even a black pastor from Harlem knows this to be the truth (video) (video), issuing dire warnings to his white audience.

So like it or not, Europe and the United States’ white populations share a particular blood with an integral history with the US founders bringing to these shores the best philosophies and traditions from their homeland, most especially the sacred code of free speech.

Unfortunately today we also share a similar subversion; subversions based on multiculturalism, open borders, supremacy, globalism, and a bottomless hatred that in some way has caused Europe and America to stop loving themselves.

Thanks largely to a complicit media, today the governments on both sides of the Atlantic have become nothing more than Cheka styled raw force. “And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” (President George Washington) Say what you will –or think what you like– about Dr. Duke’s beliefs and the motivation behind his arrest. There is no excuse or rationale imaginable to make a sane person believe his arrest is a necessary occurrence, for “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.” (William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783.)