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NorCal School Tries Segregation to Boost Scores

Desperate measure verifies once again, the so-called “extremists” were right.

Some parents in a Sacramento suburb are upset afterschool officials segregated students by race in a move designed toboost test scores.

Studentsat Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove were divided by race this weekfor what the school called “heritage assemblies.” The gatherings weredesigned to motivate students to do better on standardized achievementtests.

That upset Tracy and Herbert Houston, a mixed-race couple who say their son was confused about which rally to attend.

“My son texted me and asked me which one to go to,” Tracy Houston told the Sacramento Bee newspaper. “He didn’t know where to go because I’ve never raised him tobe black or white. … I tell my children they are part of the humanrace.”*

*(Humans are a species divided by race. Her child is classified as a mulatto human.)– Ed)

Students at Laguna could technically go to whicheverassembly they wanted, but the rallies were designated alongracial lines –African Americans in the gym, Pacific Islanders in thetheater, Latinos in the multipurpose room, the Sacramento Bee reported. (No European American students it seems. –Ed.)

Principal Doug Craig (email him) said dividing students by race allowed teachers to talk about test scores without singling out one group in a negative way.

“Is it racist? I don’t believe it is,” Craig told the Bee. (That’s because, in this case, there are no European American students, sir. –Ed)

Suchrace-based assemblies have been practiced in other California schoolsthat are struggling to close student achievement gaps.




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