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Sydney Race Film Back At Cinemas

Violence (from whom?) temporarily scuttles film.

Australian cinema chain Greater Union will resumeSydney screenings of a film about race riots which it pulled after aviolent reaction from audiences.

The Combination details trouble between Australian Lebanese and white youths in Sydney’s western suburbs in 2005.

The chain pulled the film in its Sydney cinemas after fighting broke out at two screenings in suburban Parramatta.

The screening will resume on Wednesday with extra security provided by the film’s distributor, Greater Union said.On Thursday night, 30 young people (Mediaspeak for non-white.–Ed.) attacked a security guard – who required hospital treatment – at the Parramatta cinema.

And on Saturday night, police were called after four people started fighting. No arrests were made.

Greater Union’s decision to cancel screenings in its four Sydneycinemas had been criticised by the film’s distributor, Australian FilmSyndicate (AFS), which said it was “devastating for everyone involved,especially for the audiences”.

Greater Union general manager Robert Flynn said AFS would beproviding further security measures but did not detail what they wouldbe.



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