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Brutal Black-on-White Gang Bashing Captured On Film

WARNING: Graphic Content (Be advised this footage is being pulled from multiple news sites.)

Police have released graphic footage of a young man being repeatedlykicked in the head by a gang of attackers at a Melbourne train station.

Detectivessay they are shocked by the brutality of the attack, which left the23-year-old man from Sunshine in Melbourne’s west with serious headinjuries.

The group of three attackers continued to take turnskicking the victim in the head after he handed of the backpack thatappeared to be the motive behind the attack.

The horrifying footage shows the man’s head crashing into a concretewall as he is kicked again and again by three men of Africanappearance, even after being knocked unconscious.

One of the attackers claps his hands in what appears to be celebration after the 23-year-old slumps to the ground.



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