The Day The Great Lie Died

Today the greatest lie in history died.


The election of Barack Obama is groundbreaking – but not for the reasons the media is saying.

It is groundbreaking as the election of Obama destroys the very foundations of the greatest lie of the 20th Century.

The greatest lie was comprised of four facets:

1) The Myth of White Privilege

2) The Myth of Black Victimhood

3) The Myth of Multiculturalism

4) The Myth Of Racism and The American Dream

Myth 1 was destroyed as Barack Obama is a black man who was capable of raising the most amount of political campaign money in history. This then enabled him to bribe the media to support him and this allowed him to win the election campaign for president.

His election has proved that race was not the reason why blacks did not get elected to power in America, it was simply because the only people and party that gets elected in America is the one with the most money to spend on bribing the media.

The myth of white privilege is that being rich and powerful in America depends on you being white, and that whiteness equates to wealth. This nonsense is now peddled only by idiot leftists and liberals.There are millions more poor white people in America than there are blacks or other ethnic groups, and poor whites have always been the majority of poor people in America.

Whiteness did not equate to privilege, it was only CLASS that equated to privilege.

There are millions of black millionaires and rich people in America, in fact on a per capita percentage scale there are probably more black millionaires in America than in the White European American population.

What was always blamed on racism was simply an issue of class.

Poor whites, like poor blacks, don’t get elected to power in America.

Rich blacks and rich whites do get elected.

What matters is simply money, not race in America.

Showing black and white clips of the ‘civil rights’ struggle in America from 50 years years ago is like showing film clips of the Soviet Union.

Those images of white cops beating black rioters in the streets are the images of ancient history, they bear no relation to today as America is now run by the Maoist heirs of the civil rights struggle – the race relations industry.

They should show clips of the beating Reginald Denny got in the LA riots. They would be more relevant than black and white film clips over fifty years old.

Poor whites have always existed in America, whilst rich blacks and other ethnic groups have always existed in America. Money equals power. The only color that counts in America is GREEN.

2) The myth of Black Victimhood:

Whites in America who were not Protestant or part of the Anglo-American elite were treated just as badly as blacks by the White Anglo-American Protestant elite and the Palestinians suffered less than what the 9 million Germans did at the end of the Second World War.

The black race are not the only people to have had a crap time with the Ku Klux Klan and other ‘racist groups’. The KKK were a Protestant organization and regarded Catholics with as much hate as they regarded Blacks and Jews.

The history of KKK anti-Catholic terrorism, hatred and attacks has been airbrushed out of history as it did not suit the racial agenda of the media.

The Irish, Italians and other white Catholic groups were treated even worse than blacks in America, as many blacks were Protestants.

The issue for the poor whites was that they suffered the Internal Racism of the WASP elite, who despised the Irish in particular as ethnically and racially inferior and also as Catholics as a religious group. Whilst blacks suffered only racial discrimination – the poor Irish immigrants suffered both Racial and Religious discrimination.

Yet whilst blacks have the race relations industry and the legacy of the civil rights struggle, the poor whites of Irish and Catholic backgrounds have never had any voice for them in the racialized contemporary US society, except the IRA groups that took their money and guns to kill fellow Irish people and whites in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

3) Myth 3 – The Myth of Multiculturalism is that a non-racial utopia is possible. As long as human beings are comprised of different racial groups then racism will occur. Much of what is blamed on racism is simply class difference.

White Americans are already the main victim of racism in America, and this will get worse as white Americans become a demographic minority. Everyone hates whitey and blaming whitey for every single individual’s own failures and communal failures is a profitable industry.

The racist propaganda of Hollywood against whites and the media lies about racism have incited other ethnic groups to regard the white race as evil and to blame for all of histories evils – this is even taught in US universities.

This racist dehumanization process within liberalism has to be faced down and smashed. White Americans must resist all forms of liberal racial terrorism that promulgates race hate against whites.

4) Myth 4 – It was never racism that was the issue in America is was class.

Whoever forms the demographic majority in a state controls the development of society and awards the benefits of that society to its own people.

Now that blacks in South Africa run the country they give the benefits of ruling that nation to their own people – and have created a new black class system that replaced the inner class system of the previous white society.

Poor whites in South Africa are forgotten and despised, they cannot claim the benefits of politically correct affirmative action programs even though they are the MINORITY in their nation – the rainbow nation has merely ensured the slow death of the white working class in South Africa.

The American Dream is dead. The race relations industry killed it.

Poor whites are now the forgotten, despised, voiceless underclass who are slowly rotting away in the trailer parks and urban slums of America.

There’s no white lobby groups to represent the white poor of America, no charities to help the white poor, no affirmative action plans for the white poor.

Obama’s triumph is not the triumph of hope, it is yet another triumph for wealth.

The media are too stupid to understand history. Their role is to peddle lies to the masses today. Their attention span is simply the next day’s copy and how well it sells.

Today the Great Lie died, and a new Great Lie was born.

This day is the death rattle of the Republic, the moment when the capitalist elite of America, the DOLLAR GREENS, who are the true raceless master race of America, exposed the lies of the old system.

To hear the hysterical reporting of the sanctimonious white liberal media elite, the quasi-religious hysteria of the blacks across America, the constant references to ‘God’ by the people interviewed by the media, suggest to me that America has created a cult of personality based simply on media propaganda.

The moment their hopes are dashed and reality sets in, then the price will be chaos in America.

There are no more lies to hide behind for all the communities today – no more lie of white guilt promulgated by white liberals and no more lies of black victimhood by those that refuse to see the poor white families suffering in their communities.

It is time white liberal America and black liberal America wiped the lies from their eyes and saw the millions of poor white working class people lost in their midst.

If they don’t then the Second American Civil War may begin.

The racial demonization of the poor white working class by the media has to stop and the race relations industry must be dismantled.

Obama has proved that race does not matter in America.

Now remove the chains of the race relations industry that are attacking the white working class poor of America, and end the systems of racial terrorism that profits from their misery and suffering.