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Blackbird Web Browser Offered To ‘Marginalized’ Blacks

The evidence continues to mount that the majority of black Americans want to be marginalized. Fine with us. — Ed.

Wait, why do I need a special web browser? I mean, I get there’s been a long standing digital dividebetween black America and the technological world (controlled by TheMan). But do I really need a repackaged piece of software whose nameevokes the Jim Crow era?

Last time I checked, I don’t physically browse the internet anydifferent than anyone else—evidenced by the fact that Blackbird UIlooks exactly like Firefox (both are based around Mozilla), except, youknow, with a black color scheme. And great, it comes preloaded with abunch of bookmarks that might be of interest to the black community.But I’m pretty sure the same thing can be accomplished with aneffectively marketed website (black people DO know how to use Google,after all. Shocker!).

Maybe 40A, Inc. meant well with Blackbird, but it comes off as a lazymarketing ploy that plays on the emotions of people who are(admittedly) still marginalized when it comes to the online world. Andplaying along with the notion that blacks and whites (or anyone, forthat matter) can’t enjoy any of the same things, is the same retardedline of antiquated, ethno-centric thinking that the internet issupposed to destroy. Blah. [Blackbird]



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