White Nationalist Activists Receive Death Threats

Stormfront owner Don Black and family receive death threats over son’s political aspirations.

 We’ve all heard of Stormfront, the grand daddy of all white nationalist message boards. Whether you approve of it or hate it, you’ve probably heard about it. Proprietor Don Black’s son, 19 year old Derek (pictured right), decided to put his online activism into real world practice by running for public office; specifically a seat on the Palm Beach County’s Republican Executive Committee. Well, lo and behold he won and was successfully elected on Tuesday August 26th, 2008 to be a local Republican Party committeeman in the Palm Beach area. His job is to essentially ensure that voters in District 29 vote Republican. Winning 58 percent of the votes, 167 out of 287 against his opponent Ed Burkhart, Derek’s victory was a ‘sure thing.’

But not for long. Under the authority of GOP boss Sid Dinerstein the local GOP has moved to kick Derek Black out. Something to do with his “views”, we’re sure. Egging on the effort to remove Derek Black’s election Sid Dinerstein is making a mockery of free and fair elections.
Dinerstein says candidates are required to sign an ‘oath of loyalty’ in June, and apparently Derek Black didn’t do so, and as far as Dinerstein is concerned, Ed Burkhart won. And so on Thursday August 28th, Dinerstein managed to have Derek Black kicked off the committee. But here’s the rub: Derek Black says: “My understanding is that the oath had to besigned by the first meeting of the new committeemen, and that’s byDecember 1st. They’re obviously looking for a way to keep me out, but Iwon’t let that happen”.Derek Black says “of course” he will attend a meeting Wednesday for new members of Palm Beach County’s Republican Executive Committee. Never mind that the party chairman says Black’s “white supremacist” associations are not welcome and he will not be seated.

Well, someone else is also trying to keep Derek Black from moving forward, though no one is sure who it is. On or about December 1st the Black residence received four telephoned death threats. “Hey Don,” one of the calls stated: “I just wanted to let you know we’ll have a scope trained onyour son Wednesday. We have had for days.” Police have noted the caller ID says 772-812-3827,which is a Vero Beach area wireless number.

For the record, here are the last two calls.
along with the first two

Forget who Derek Black is. Forget his (entirely legal) views on race and nation. Forget about Stormfront or what you may even think of Stormfront. This is a civil rights infraction issue, and a serious one at that. Derek, who has a clean record, won a seat on the Republican Executive Committee fair and square. He has as much of a right to be there as anyone else. When threats of violence are used to prevent a person from exercising his political civil rights, it is not only unacceptable it sets a dangerous precedent. Coupled with political boss Sid Dinerstein’s** unrelated dismissal of Derek Black’s seat, such dismissals and such threats need to be investigated just as if similar dismissals and similar threats had been issued against a black man.

In fact, can you imagine the hue and cry if we were in reality discussing a black person who wished to “speak to members of the black community” being dimissed after winning an election fair and square and then subsequently threatened with death by unknown persons? Can you say Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security fame?

For the record, European Americans United, without reservation, deplores and condemns these serious infractions against Derek Black’s civil rights and supports his rightful seat on the Palm Beach County’s Republican Executive Committee.

Board of Directors, European Americans United

**Dinerstein’s book, Adults Only, is a non-partisan appeal to Americans to “grow up.” He says, “It comes out of a fundamental truth that stares me in the face every day: Lord Acton was right. ‘Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Realizing that Lord Acton was right, across party lines, led to the writing of this book… an effort to retrieve lost power on behalf of the citizenry.”