Arrest in BNP House Attack

First of many arrests to come as list leak shapes us as act of terrorist incitement

BNP News  

In an incident linked by police to the on a BNP member’s house in Leeds.

The arrest, the first of many being planned by police, took place during the early hours of the morning of 28 November.

The individual in question, whose name is known to BNP News, has been charged with causing criminal damage and will be appearing before Leeds Magistrates Court on 5th December.

“He will be pleading guilty as charged,” said Peter Hollings, Leeds organiser. “The really interesting bit about his statement is that he has admitted to having been given our member’s details via a ‘friend’ who in turn had obtained our member’s details directly from the leaked membership list.

“It is my view that there should be further charges to answer here so far as certain militant left-wing organisations are concerned, especially when you consider that at least one of these organisations has stated that the publication of the membership list was not intended to incite violence ‘and nor would it’,” Mr Hollings said.“Clearly the events have proven that incitement to violence has occurred.”

Mr Hollings said the arrest was good news for the BNP members who had been subjected to harassment over the past week or so, in that police were acting against the thugs responsible for the attempted intimidation.

In his response to the arrest, BNP leader Nick said he was happy that police were doing their duty up and down the country to root out those attempting to criminally harass BNP supporters.

“Several other premises are under observation elsewhere in the country, which are not linked to the Leeds incident,” Mr Griffin said. “We are confident that further arrests will follow as the evidence is processed in due course.”