Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Lives on Taxpayer’s Backs

by John YoungThe AP has uncovered a few pertinent factoids regarding Zeituni Onyango, Barack Obama’s aunt on his father’s side.It seems that Ms. Onyango is in this country illegally, and was ordered deported six years ago.But, not to worry. She’s living in South Boston in a taxpayer-subsidized section 8 apartment, while collecting a stipend from her government job at the Boston Housing Authority.In spite of collecting over $4 million in royalties on his book in which his relationships with his family are explored, it seems that Obama’s admonition that “we are our brother’s keeper” hypocritically applies only to us. That is, while his aunt lives at taxpayer expense and his brother George Obama lives in a hut in Nairobi that lacks a roof — and is so small he must curl up into a fetal position to sleep — Barack Obama seems unwilling to share his own wealth to be his “brother’s keeper.” Rather, he insists that WE share OUR wealth to provide for HIS illegal alien relative, while neglecting our own.To add insult to injury, records indicate that, quite the opposite from what would be expected, Ms. Onyango has contributed $260 to her wealthy nephew’s presidential campaign.Trouble is, it is against federal law for a person who is not in this country legally to contribute to federal election campaigns. This points out something interesting.As a European-American I was pulled over for having a headlight burned out last night and was forced to undergo random urinalysis to check for illegal drugs last week as a condition for maintaining my employment. I have to account for every penny I earn and pay the required confiscatory taxes, and I seem to be held to the very highest of standards of legal compliance in all aspects of my life.Meanwhile, arrogant and flagrant violations of the law, including failure to comply with deportation orders, breaking of federal campaign laws, fraudulent employment, fraudulent collection of welfare subsidies and a whole host of other laws are simply ignored for those who are politically connected or have politically preferred pigmentation.This is the “change” that Barack Obama envisions.If you haven’t already joined European Americans United, you ought to give it some though.