Congressman Murtha, Supporters, Blow It With Redneck Comment.

Had he used the so-called “N” word he’d have been lynched until forced to step down.

He’s a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives, with 17terms in all. But the results of a new poll could spell trouble forJohn Murtha.The Susquehanna poll commissioned by our newsexchange partners at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review finds Murtha’s leadis slipping one week after his comments where he called westernPennsylvania “racist.”Comments about racism, and more recentones where he calls part of the state “redneck,” have the Murthacampaign on the defense. Especially when faced with the poll resultsshowing Murtha may be losing ground.

The gives Murtha a slightly more than 4 percentage point lead overchallenger William Russell. Factoring in the margin of error puts therace at a virtual tie.
A spokesman said the campaign not only disagrees with the new poll but finds the results “ridiculous.”Congressman Mike Doyle is a longtime Murtha ally.”Jack Murtha has been good for western Pennsylvania,” Doyle said.

“I think in the end, when people go to the voting booth, it’s gonna beabout pocketbook issues. This is gonna be about the economy,” Doylesaid.But Doyle stopped short of agreeing or disagreeing with Murtha’s comments about voters.”It’s a distraction, it’s not something that I want to focus on or talk about,” Doyle said.Butvoters are talking.

The Susquehanna poll finds nearly 54 percent ofvoters said it’s time for someone else to represent them in congress.About 35 percent said Murtha deserves to be re-elected.