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Obama the Capitalist Stooge

America deserves all it gets.

by Lee John Barnes

There is nothing more stupid than the public in a ‘democracy’ where the media is owned by corporations that are able to get politicians elected to power.

In the farcical ‘democracy’ of America, in order to get elected into power you must be able to demonstrate the following:

1) You are a puppet of the bankers who can be bribed with political donations to your campaign.

2) That you can and will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising with the corporate media to ensure you get elected.

3) That you obey and demonstrate that you are a stooge of the Israeli lobby groups and that you will put the interests of Israel before those of the US.

If you don’t do all three – then you ain’t gonna get elected.

Obama has done all three, which is therefore proof that he AIN’T GONNA CHANGE A THING and that it’s business as usual for the who run America.The new boss is the same as the old boss.

The new boss may have a slightly raised melanin content than the old boss, but the new boss is as much a whore as the old boss was.

Obama is still in the pockets of the same scumbags that controlled Bush – so he ain’t gonna change a thing.

The bankers, AIPAC and the media will still control America – so there ain’t gonna be no change.

Take Obama’s latest supporter,

This is the man who lied in the UN about the WMD in Iraq and who drivelled the most disgusting lie in history when he said Iraq had weapons that could hit the West in 45 minutes.

It was Colin Powell who was the architect and sponsor and propagandist for the Iraq War, he was the little Drummer Boy banging his drum in the media and in the UN for WAR, WAR, WAR, BABY!

Yet now he endorses Obama, the supposed anti-war candidate.

That is a bit like having Dracula as a supporter of the Anti-Vampire Party.

I wonder if its because ‘e is blak innit’, that Obama gets his vote.

So much for whites having to vote for non-white candidates in order to demonstrate their anti-racist credentials, yet when a black candidate comes along Oprah, Powell (a Republican) all become supporters of the black candidate.

Kinda reminds you of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, when all the blacks in the US were saying ‘he is innocent’ and the whites knew he was guilty.

What a shame for the blacks in the US that O.J. went and wrote a book boasting about how he did the murders in order to profit from it.

The fact that Obama is crowing about having powell support him is a sure sign the guy is an idiot.

If he truly was against the war then Obama would say ‘On your bike Powell, you were the main propagandist and exponent of the war, having you on board with us is like having having O.J. Simpson run a campaign against domestic violence’.

Yet the supposed anti-war Obama wants Powell’s support – which just goes to show that Obama has no principles and is just another opportunist self serving politician.

No doubt the media will not point out that the anti-war Obama having the person responsible for propagandising the Iraq War on board with him is an act of unparalleled hypocrisy, staggering in its breathtaking chutzpah.

Thats the joy of having a corporate media – little things such as exposing the BS of politicians is hidden to make sure they retain credibility with the morons and lemmings who vote for them.

The other issue of Obama is who funds him.

Obama is supposed to be for the working man, so why is he being funded by the bankers who have destroyed the American economy and who have put millions of working people into homelessness and poverty?

Obama boasts about raising 160 million dollars in a week for his campaign – that demonstrates to me the man is a sick, evil and twisted bastard.

If he had any sense of decency he would donate that money to the poor of America, so that people could get hospital treatments and stay in their homes instead of using it to pay for TV adverts and enrich the same scumbag corporate media who promote him.

The bankers give millions to Obama as the media promote him as a candidate who can win the election, Obama then pays the corporate scum media millions of dollars for advertising and they then promote him as a candidate to win the election thereby guaranteeing that he will get more millions in donations to be given straight back to the media for more adverts.

It’s a circle of iniquity and corruption that is evil.


I wonder if snivelling Michael Moore will do a documentary about how Obama, the bankers and the media are all whores making money of the American public. I doubt it.

Barack Obama’s top campaign contributor is the international Finance firm of Goldman Sachs led by Larry Blankfein.

Three-fourths of John McCain’s top 20 contributors are New York international bankers, including Goldman Sachs.

Both Obama and McCain have benefited from over 2 million dollars of donations from the same banks which are now being subsidised by the US government.

The tax payers give billions of dollars to the banks and then the bankers give millions to Obama to get him elected into office.

We all know that Obama will protect those who fund him now – and that this money is how such politicians are bought and paid for.

If Obama had a single shred of decency he would give that 160 million dollars to the poor of America instead of using it to subsidise the corporate media.

If he had a single human aspect to his soul he should give all the money donated to him from the bankers straight to the charities in America that help the homeless – but he won’t, thats because he is just another politician.

Obama is a stooge – McCain is a stooge.

America deserves all it gets.


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