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Suggestions For The Future

An ideological “war within the West” has paved the way for a physical“war against the West” waged by Islamic Jihadists, who correctly viewour acceptance of Muslim immigration as a sign of weakness.

This essay overlaps to some extent with the essay Recommendations for the Westfrom 2006. How should we respond to the threats our civilization isfacing? First of all, ordinary citizens should arm themselvesimmediately since crime and violence is spreading fast throughout theWestern world. Second, we need to reclaim pride in our heritage, whichhas been systematically taken away from us in recent generations, andrestore a proper teaching of this in our education system. We shouldassume that the mass media and our leaders are not telling us the fulltruth about the scale and consequences of Muslim immigration.

Weare told that the ongoing mass immigration from alien cultures is “goodfor the economy.” This is demonstrably false and resembles the “BigLie” technique employed by the Nazis. Even if it were true, I wouldstill reject this argument. I am not willing to give up our existenceas a people and the heritage entrusted upon me by my ancestors in thehypothetical hope that doing so will earn me a few chocolate bars orelectronic toys, of which we already have plenty.The notion that man is homo economicus, the economic man,nothing more than the sum of his functions as a worker and consumer, iswidely shared by both left-wingers and many right-wingers. It is one ofthe most destructive ideologies of our time and needs to be defeatedwhile there is still something left of European civilization topreserve.

One “anti-Jihadist” in Scandinavia once indicated thatit was OK with a Muslim majority in Europe as long as these Muslimsrespect “human rights.” They won’t, of course, but that’s not thepoint. The “debate” we have is thus between those who believe we shouldaccept unlimited mass immigration and those who believe we shouldaccept unlimited mass immigration as long as those who replace usbelieve in “human rights,” where the former groups views the latter as“racists.” At no point is there any debate of whether native Europeanshave the right to preserve our cultures and historical identities.



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