AL: Clean Up After Hurricane Gustav ‘Guests’

Shades of Katrina “refugees” in Alabama

Now the cleanup begins for most shelters in the Valley.     

It appears some of those “Gulf Coast guests” have left their mark.     

The gym at Calhoun Community College may be known for the championship basketball teams of the past.       

But now, those running from Gustav have left their mark.     

Deanof Business and Finance,  Jack Burrow said, “The entire gym, hallways,the chairs, tables, bathrooms, the snack machines outside…everythingthat we’ve been using has to be disinfected, cleaned and wiped down.”

This big task will go to a bio-hazard firm out Birmingham at a cost of 25,000 dollars.     

Burrow said, “As far as out-of-pocket expenses, Calhoun is not supposed to be out.”     

Janet Martin with Calhoun Public Relations added, “All the costs, as far as we’ve been told FEMA will absorb.”                

Burrow says some of the guests stopped up commodes, with blankets furnished by the Red Cross.

“Ofcourse we had to bring Rotor Rooter out and in the middle of the night.I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty good bill, but things like thiswe’ve got it well documented,” said Burrow

He says they also had to deal with dirty cots and blankets.      

“90% of them were soiled. The fabric was cut off of the frames and weactually burned those.   And we burned the blankets,” said Burrow.     

Even the tarp, protecting the gym floor may be ruined.           

As we walked the halls, we even found blood on the locker room door and a lot of spatter on the walls.

We’ve heard reports of other, more serious problems to our South.       

We called the Post Secondary Department of Education in Montgomery and they told us they would call us back.  

As of Monday night, they have not.

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