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Brainwashing Whites

A black conservative spells it out.

by Elizabeth Wright

Saturday, April 05, 2008

For years now, mandatory “re-education” sessions, designed to divestthe student participants of their own beliefs and convictions, havebecome ritual.

Make no mistake about it, although theseworkshops, orientation sessions and “sensitivity training” includeparticipants from all races and backgrounds, this elaborate attempt atreprogramming individuals was contrived primarily to recalibratewhites, most especially young whites. It was not long before this reprogramming beganto filter down into the lower grades of high school and earlier. Soonit spilled over from the campus and class room into the work force, asbusinesses, under pressure from multicultural enforcers, strove to obeythe demands of these now powerful social engineers, in order to avoidentanglements in “race” troubles. And so a new industry was born – onemade up of phony race “experts,” “consultants,” and “diversityfacilitators.” Companies learned that if they paid the right price now,they could fend off possible trouble later.

With their fixed notions of how whites perceivethe world, the stated goal of these social crusaders is to alter thevalues and attitudes of these young people. Using diversityorientations to probe into the most private experiences and thoughts ofstudents, the aim is to convince the white to remold his inner life,until it is consistent with the multicultural vision. This is ThoughtReform at its crudest – an attempt at mind cleansing under the guise ofachieving “social justice” for society’s underdogs.

Even withoutthe heavy-handed indoctrination cited above, the white youth learnswhat is expected of him before he ever sets foot in school. He istaught the rules from the minute his young eyes view a TV screen andwhen his ears are subjected to the socially trendy platitudes of theday. The real propaganda starts long before kindergarten, but once heenters the school system, there is never any let up in theindoctrination. The impressionable child begins to learn early on theimportance of becoming a “good white person” in the multicultural senseof goodness.



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