Haters Strike Again on 911

Nice try.  But you’re not going to stop us.

by James Edwards

Well, folks, as you know, the leftists, liberals, and homosexuals have been attacking us vociferously since our return to the airwaves just a few short months ago.  Because The Political Cesspool tells the truth, and because they absolutely despise the truth, they’ve been rabidly attacking us at every turn.  Not a week goes by that I don’t come across another slanderous article about this blog or my radio show.  But, you know what?  That stuff doesn’t bother me.  I’m used to it, and I knew what I was in for when I took up the cause.  You can’t expect to be left alone when you’re speaking up for the interests of white people like we do here.
But now the enemies of free speech have taken the fight to a whole new level. 
This morning PayPal informed me that they are shutting down ThePolitical Cesspool’s account because our site contains “hate”, etc.,etc.  That’s right; on September 11 2008, the very day the twin towersfell, the leftists and liberals and homosexuals have succeeded in anattack fueled by just as much hatred as the hate which drove the 9/11hijackers.  They know they can’t win on the facts, because we’re right,and they’re wrong.  So they resort to dishonorable tactics to try toshut us up.

Well, let me say this to the ADL, the SPLC, the leftists and the radical homosexuals out there.

Nice try.  But you’re not going to stop us.  We’re going to continue tospeak up for our people, and to speak out against those who woulddestroy us, such as yourselves.  We’re in it for the long haul, and aminor inconvenience like this is not going to slow us down.  You blewit.

Yes, we’ve lost our PayPal account, folks.  Well, we’re about to loseit.  I’m currently emailing them to find out just what “hate” they’reaccusing me of.  It’s a bogus charge, and they know it.  But they’renot going to stand up to the ADL, the SPLC, and the leftists andhomosexuals.  I have no illusions that they’re going to admit that theymade a mistake and reverse their decision.  The corporate establishmentis one of our people’s biggest and most powerful enemies, and Ebay,which owns PayPal, is a corporate behemoth.  Just like virtually everymajor corporation, they cave in to any and every anti-white hate groupthat comes down the pike with even the silliest complaint.

Of course, they’re complete hypocrites.  Check out the website for theJewish Defense League if you don’t believe me.  The JDL has beenclassified as a terrorist group by the federal government, but theyhave a PayPal button on their website.  Speak up for the interests ofwhite people?  You’re banned for “hate.”  Run a Jewish group that theFBI calls a terrorist organization and which has been linked to severalbombings? Hey, no problem.  That’s life in today’s America.

But don’t worry, TPC fans.  We’re not going anywhere.  Yes, we needyour donations, and PayPal helped us to process those donations.  But,we’ll find an alternative means of processing online gifts, even thoughthis will certainly handicap us for the time being.