BNP Gearing up for Stoke Rally in Memory of Keith Brown

by BNP News  

The British National Party has received a formal police go-ahead for its rally in Stoke-on-Trent on 20 September, BNP Councillor Alby Walker has announced.

BNP leader Nick Griffin will be one of the speakers on that day when the rally takes place at a central location after hundreds of activists have spent the morning distributing up to 50,000 leaflets.

Other speakers will join councillor Alby Walker, who leads the BNP council group, and Michael Coleman. Alby said that the rally had been organised in close co-operation with the authorities.

“It is a perfectly legal protest which is a fundamental right and not aimed against any community,” he said, adding that it had been organised “to point out the discrepancy in different sections of the community by the courts and the failings of the judicial system.”

He was referring to the recent Habib Khan manslaughter verdict. Khan, of Normacot, was jailed for eight years last month for killing his neighbour, BNP activist can only imagine the court result, and newspaper coverage, had a BNP man killed a Muslim neighbour by stabbing him in the back as Khan did to Keith.)

Staffordshire Police Superintendent Bernie O’Reilly said: “We have met with members of the BNP on three occasions to discuss their plans and are happy that the party is perfectly within the law.”

BNP supporters from across the country are encouraged to attend the rally, and get to Stoke early in the morning for the Day of Action.

Remember Keith Brown! Justice for all Britons!