Immigration Harming British Communities


Open border advocates now try to fix the problems they have created. Again, the British National Party was right. Attention Brits: Join the BNP

Rapid immigration has damaged community relations in parts ofEngland, a report by the Commons communities and local governmentcommittee says.

In three areas with high immigration – Peterborough, Burnley, andBarking and Dagenham – community cohesion is among the lowest in thecountry, the MPs say.

The report said there was “significant public anxiety” over issues such as pressure on public services.

Ministers said action was being taken to minimize the impact of immigration.

In the three areas visited, community cohesion – measured by how manypeople believe those from different backgrounds get along – is amongthe lowest in England, the report said.

It said public services were under pressure because government funding was being based on “flawed population data”.