Who Is For the People?

by Clyde N. Wilson

I have watched half a dozen documentaries by leftist critics of the Iraq War.  They are generally well done and marshal telling evidence that reveals the unprecedented sliminess of Bush and his handlers.  Nevertheless, they totally lack honesty and credibility.  The word “Israel” does not appear a single time in any of these shows, even during discussion of the Neocons. In fact, one would never know that that country exists so far as the presentations go.  In each case they seek to leave the impression that the fighting and suffering is mainly being done by black people and other minorities.  And in every case, they work from the assumption that Americans are obligated to spread goodness around the world—they just want to do it in a different way.  These Liberals are no more capable of focusing upon a realistic pursuit of the well-being of the real, living American people than the idiot Republicans they skewer.

This goes a ways, I think, toward explaining why it has been impossible for the Democrats to do anything to restrain the war.In fact, it goes a long way toward explaining why American political discourse is so utterly debased and incapable of identifying any genuine solution to any problem.  We have an environmental debate between fanatic tree-huggers on the one hand and corporate looters on the other.  Where is the sane argument for Christian stewardship?  Both sides are crazed with abstractions, unquestioned false pieties, and short-sighted self-interest. Remember the two vigorous opposing sides in the Vietnam expedition?  Neither side considered what was good for the American people, only what was appropriate for foreign ventures, which are a given.  Our rulers have no past and no sense of a posterity to be cared for.