London: Black Schools the Answer to Black Crime

This is called segregation…

Theincreasingly unruly (!) nature of elements of black Londoners has now focused on the educational failings in the state sector, with leading black politician Lee Jasper and former aide to former MayorLivingstone calling for support to have black only schools.

“Thefact is, it’s time the black community ran its own schools, devised acurriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachersthat  look like the young people they are teaching.”

InToronto,Canada the Toronto District School Board approved for theestablishment of “Afrocentric or black-focused schools” in 2009 whichaims to address the high level dropout of black children estimated tobe at 40% per cent in the city.

In Londonthe “dropout” rate is around 20-30% in certain areas of London, withcrime figures indicating that murders amongst young people show blacksto be the victims and perpetrators in 80% of cases.

The London Daily News supports the establishment ofblack schools on the lines that exist in other ethnic groups like theones that exist for the Jews  The proposed JcoSS has raised £5.5million in five months towards a £10 million target.  The Greekcommunity established the St Cyprian School in Croydon via funding fromthe London community and the Greek and Cypriot governments.  Othercommunities have also emulated this, the kind of funding required for afull time secondary or primary school is estimated according to sourcesat the Department for Children, Schools and families at around £30-£40million if you need to build a school and then equip it.  Can the blackcommunity do this? 

In addition, if the establishment of “blackschools” is to provide an environment were students are given aself-confidence and awareness of their cultural heritage and pusheducational ambition to the top of the agenda this is to be supported. But if “black schools” are to be used to propagate an “anti-white”agenda and a revisionist version of history like that seen by the”Black Athena” book published by African American Martin Bernalclaiming in a misguided series that European civilisation andspecifically the Ancient Greeks derived much of their cultural rootsfrom the “Afrosiatic cultures” ie Egyptian and Phoenician cultures. This book has been used in “black schools” and by black supremacistgroups in the US and elsewhere to claim the supremacy of black culturesover Europe. We oppose an “anti-white” education agenda.**

Moreoverif the British black community (They mean passport holders. — Ed.) who consist of Africans, Caribbean’s andSouth and Central Americans extraction can provide 50% per cent of thefunding to establish a full time voluntary aided school then theyshould be allowed to do this.


**The truth of the matter here is that media organs like the London Daily News who have promoted mass Third World immigration into Britain are now trying to cover their behinds by sanctimoniously promoting “black schools,” which ought to be be greeted with joy by sensible white Brits.