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White South Africans Desperate to Leave.

1% of all white people have been murdered in South Africa since the ANC took power.

6,500 people in Johannesburg, almost all of them white, paid about$20 to attend an expo on immigrating to New Zealand. Expos forAustralia, England, and Canada will also be held in the near future.

Despite the genocide against South African whites, the US governmentmakes it extremely difficult for them to immigrate to the United Stateseven though they tend to be well educated and skilled. Instead, tens ofthousands of black Africans are granted asylum and refugee status tocome to the United States each year. Examples include the stone-ageSomalians who have unleashed an unprecedented crime wave in cities likeColumbus, Ohio; not to mention the fact that millions of third worldersare allowed to enter the US illegally each year.

Left-wing Republican and illegal alien amnesty advocate Sen. SamBrownback was asked by a CofCC member if he would support grantingpolitical asylum to white South Africans, since he is such a fan ofimmigration. Brownback replied that granting whites asylum would be abad idea, because they “might bring racist attitudes to the UnitedStates.”



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