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Beijing Bans Blacks, Mongols

Beijing 2008: bars forbidden to serve “blacks” and Mongolians, outdoor tables banned

For “reasons of safety”, bars are forbidden to in the street. Street musicians are being banned, and so is buying medicines containing “stimulants” without a prescription. Prohibitions are on the rise for the Olympic capital, while the first leaks reveal a grandiose fireworks display for the inauguration.

Bar owners around the Workers’ Stadium in downtown Beijing say that public security officials are telling them not to let in “ disorder.To guarantee a “clean” Olympics, a doctor’s prescription is now required for 1,993 commonly used medicines, or the package must show a warning that the product contains substances believed to be stimulating and not permitted for the athletes. One must go to a hospital to get a prescription, but many of the hospitals ask for as much as 100 yuan for each prescription, causing problems for the elderly and the poor most of all.


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