Le Pen Castigates Eurocrats

French warhorse blasts Sarkozy and other enemies of Europe

French patriot and freedom fighter Jean Marie Le Pen welcomed the new French temporary leadership of the European Union with a blistering attack on the European Union and the globalism it represents, at a session of the European parliament, of which Le Pen and other members of his Front National are elected members.

Warning of the dangers of globalization, Le Pen lambasted the assorted political criminals and the danger they have helped to unleash, particularly from Third World immigration. Le Pen’s speech humiliated French President Sarkozy, who was personally present, as well as assorted assembled corrupt Eurocrats, who heckled and smirked, while one is actually seen holding his head in his hand as Le Pen blasts the lies and liars.

Patriots have subtitled this remarkable speech of Le Pen’s into English for this video, which should be seen by all and which give us a clue about the force of reason Le Pen represents.