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3 A.M. For Feminism

Clinton deadenders and the crisis in the women’s movement.

by Michelle Goldberg

Amy Siskind, a 42-year-old mother of two from Westchester, stood in a Washington, D.C., park on the last day in May, telling a few hundred cheering people that that she believes bolstered Barack Obama’s campaign. “Now I have a message for Howard Dean and the DNC,” she said into a microphone, acid in her voice. “I’m not your sweetie!”

Siskind was one of the speakers at a rally that brought busloads of people, overwhelmingly, to demonstrate near the Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting that would decide the status of the Florida and Michigan delegations. As Clinton lost steam, seating them in full became crucial to her argument for the nomination, and thus, to her supporters, a matter of high democratic principle.Oaths to oppose Obama proliferated, often among longtime female fund-raisers. “You have betrayed us, our children, and our future,” Siskind proclaimed during her speech, “and you will learn the new meaning of stay-at-home moms!”

Hillary Clinton has lost the nomination, but some of her most ardent female backers seem unwilling to accept it. A strange narrative has developed, abetted by Clinton and some of the mainstream feminist organizations.


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