Hispanic Politicos: Silence Dobbs!

Hispanic congressmen demand corporate action against CNN host


Elana Schor in Washington

The anti-immigration views of CNN host http://www.wvwnews.net/story.php?id=3330 among US Latinos, whose frustration has risen to the Washington corridors of power.

After their requests for a meeting with the chief executive of CNN’s parent company were rebuffed, Latino members of Congress condemned the TV network for failing to recognise the “potentially dangerous” consequences of Dobbs’s “divisive commentary”.

Dobbs has become a sensation thanks to his populist outbursts against undocumented immigrants, whom he calls “aliens” and accuses of “invading” America to steal jobs.

The TV host also has targeted the Democratic presidential candidates, naming one segment “Hillary’s hypocrisy” and describing Barack Obama’s endorsement by Latino governor and former Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson as “pandering to ethnocentric special interests”.http://www.wvwnews.net/story.php?id=4191 for the content of programmes the network airs.


From a reader: This talk about “potentially dangerous” speech is straight out of the ADL/SPLC playbook, “hatebaiting” their opponents to silence any dissent or debate. What is beyond “potentially dangerous” is the illegal immigrant crime wave that victimizes US citizens, and the economic impact on US jobs and social resources thanks to illegals and the corporations who employ them. And in the immigration debate itself, patriots are regularly the victims of Hispanic gang violence on picket lines and at demonstrations.