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Obama Stumbles on ‘Bitter’ Comment

Doubts about Obama are already out there.

By John LeBoutillier

Sen. Barack Obama’s “bitter” comment has severely wounded his campaign. While he might very well survive this episode and still go on to nab the Democratic presidential nomination, this flap gives the GOP huge new ammo for the fall campaign.

What these San Francisco comments about rural people do is to, again, paint a picture of a candidate who is an Ivy League snob, a left-wing elitist who thinks he is better than rural people. And this is an image that has bedeviled liberal Democrats for decades. Mike Dukakis, Walter Mondale, and John Kerry come to mind.

Doubts about Obama are already out there. Some people, 13 percent in a new national poll, suspect he is a Muslim. His middle name, Hussein, is also a negative among some voters. But a slew of other recent events paint a picture of a guy definitely out of the mainstream:

The Rev. Wright’s disgusting, white-hating, America-hating comments will be huge fodder in the fall election.Obama’s refusal to disavow Wright’s racist rants have hurt him badly among the very voters he is now labeling as “bitter” and “clinging to guns . . . and religion.”

Michelle Obama’s chip-on-her-shoulder “I have never been proud of my country” statements also hurt his campaign and paint a disturbing picture of Team Obama. When a man’s wife and pastor, perhaps the two closest adults in his life, both attack the United States of America, that is telling about that man. If they had attacked the government and its policies that is OK. But both the Rev. Wright and Mrs. Obama actually attacked our country itself.

Paying repeated tribute in Chicago during his rise up the political ladder to one-time Weather Underground leader and domestic bomber William Ayres, a convicted felon and home-grown left-wing terrorist, is another example of Obama’s left-wing ideology, which he has so-far hidden with vague, ambiguous “Yes we can!” rhetoric.

He has refused to wear an American flag label pin.

He has refused to salute the American flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.

He supports giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Obama’s three attempts to apologize/clarify his San Francisco comments don’t solve the underlying problem.

What a shame that so many people, including some of these very “rural” people, have been snowed and fooled by Obama’s Change We can Believe In campaign. It is a campaign built on platitudes and generalities all meant to hide his extreme liberalism (twice he has had the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate; even more liberal than Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, who is the only Socialist in the Senate!).


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