UK: What May’s Elections Are All About

By Chris Brown

Next month’s elections must be about shining a spotlight on the levels of non essential local authority expenditure, if they are to be about anything!

Here is a facsimile of a page from a leaflet published by West Sussex Council, in five different languages! It is a leaflet that could be found in almost any local authority in the country. And they are all produced by a non productive industry, paid for by the tax payer, that siphons off resources from essential services. Services such as meals-on-wheels, day-care centres and care homes.

You will note that this particular leaflet states:

“We can advise you who to contact about getting support, such as housing, health and money” (would anyone care to hazard a guess as to whether our indigenous people, especially the elderly, can get the same level of help???).

Thankfully the BNP will ensure that your money is spent on essential services.