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US Government: Bible is Hate

Are you one of tens of millions of Christians who agree with Mel Gibson?

In its recent report to Congress, the U.S. State Department “Office of Global Anti-Semitism” makes a startling policy statement. It says the record that the Jews had Christ crucified is “classical anti-Semitism” — a historic form of hate.
In its 2005 report to Congress, the State Department included as an “anti-Semitic incident” the case of a Polish who said Jews killed Christ. Today, three years later, the State Department could not be clearer.  

Are you one of tens of millions of Christians who agree with Mel indication. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League – architect of hate laws worldwide (and primary ideological and statistics-gathering force behind the Office of Global Anti-Semitism) — is moving rapidly to create bias against Christians as haters, particularly of Jews and homosexuals.
Despite passionate support of Israel by upholds ADL propaganda. He preaches that Jews did not reject or kill Christ, do not have to accept Him, and that New Testament Christianity is a primary source of anti-Semitism throughout the ages.  
As Jewish-dominated media increasingly persuades the public and government to agree with this stereotype, it will become easier to pass Christian-restricting hate crimes laws. All who adhere to the Bible on homosexuality or Jewish complicity in Christ’s death could be subject to state-sponsored prosecution.  
Bible believers aren’t the only ones at risk. The State Department report also says it is anti-Semitic to:

* Allege “intentionally or unintentionally” that the state of Israel persecutes Palestinians.

* Compare the behavior of Israel’s leaders and military (in suppression of Palestinians) to Nazis (p. 22).

* Publish cartoons depicting the Israeli government and military as similar to Nazis.

* Diminish the 6-million figure of Holocaust dead in any amount.

* Question that gas chambers were the primary means of killing 6 million Jews (p.22).

* Allege that Jews exert undue influence in Congress and the White House.

* Allege that Jews exert undue influence in the media.
Claim there exists a “Jewish conspiracy” to dominate society (p.19).

* Allege that American Jews are equally loyal to Israel (p.19).

* Deny the people of Israel their “right of self-determination.” This means upholding Biblical law that the Jewish people cannot reoccupy Palestine in unrighteousness. This also means denying them occupation through illegal settlements of all the territory promised to Abraham.

* Reveal hostility (as Christ did) toward Talmudic (pharisaic) Judaism.

* The State Department warns against “unintentional” anti-Semitism. These acts might not be meant to stimulate anti-Semitism, but do. The moral? Be safe. Evil people might twist legitimate facts to hateful ends.
Clearly, an office of the U.S. State Department has been created by the Anti-Defamation League, at taxpayer expense, as a propaganda oracle of its own anti-Christian “hate crimes agenda.” Congress unanimously created this office of thought crimes disinformation in 2004. Cast your vote to end its influence: call your Senators and Representative. Call toll-free at 1-877-851-6437. Tell them: “Please revoke funding for the State Department’s Office of Global Anti-Semitism. It does not represent scholarly research but the anti-Christian biases of the Anti-Defamation League.”
Your members of Congress voted in this Orwellian “ministry of propaganda.” They can vote it out. Call now!


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