Race Realist Action Alerts

European Americans United is proud to inform the readership of Western Voices World News about the positive efforts on behalf of our people by another race realist organization called The Inverted World.

I’m Ian Jobling, and I run the race realist website The Inverted World.

For years, we race realists have participated in online communities where we can read news and commentary and form virtual friendships with people who share our views. The existence of such communities, and the passion of their participants, indicate that there is strong race realist sentiment in America. However, no one has yet found a way to channel this energy into an effective political movement.*

I want to change that. That is why I have begun to post action alerts on The Inverted World that supply race realists with ready-made e-mails to send to politicians and other responsible parties. I’ve already posted two sample e-mails for Congressmen on illegal immigration legislation before the House of Representatives. In coming weeks, I plan to post more e-mails on issues of concern to race realists, such as discrimination law, affirmative action, and the representation of whites in the media and textbooks.

Of course, many other organizations allow you to lobby Congress on issues of concern to whites. The immigration restrictionist group NumbersUSA, for example, got its public to send more than million faxes during last year’s amnesty debate. However, only The Inverted World supplies e-mails written from the perspective of race realism, or the recognition that the races are biologically different. My recent e-mails argued for stricter enforcement of immigration laws on the grounds that Hispanics are biologically different from whites and, consequently, are not capable of assimilating into American society.

For example, after a review of statistics on Hispanic crime, education, and welfare use, the last e-mail concluded with these words:


*Similar to responding to our own action alerts, and of course to the member’s only EVoice Alerts, please sign onto the Inverted World’s call to activism…and thank them for their efforts.