Joke Sentence in Race Slaying

Black man gets two to four years for killing white teen

A sentence in a racially charged killing on has the white victim’s family outraged and stricken with grief, while the convicted black killer’s attorneys have vowed to appeal, while demanding charges against the victim’s father.

Judge Barbara Kahn sentenced John White, 53, who is black, to two to four years in prison for charges related to his slaying of Daniel Cicciaro Jr., aged 17. White fatally shot Cicciaro in the face on August 9, 2006, after a shouting match when Cicciaro foolishly came to White’s Miller Place, Long Island house to confront White’s son, Aaron White, who had allegedly threatened to rape a young woman. Instead of calling the police, White fired a .32 Beretta, killing Cicciaro.

The fact that the killer is black and the victim white led to a campaign alleging racism. Black race hustler"

“You knew it was murder that night,” a tormented Daniel Cicciaro Sr. told White before sentence was passed. “You’re a coward and God knows you’re guilty of killing my son.”Playing on popular racism, which paints Italian Americans as thugs and criminals, Sharpton and White’s legal team claimed that Cicciaro had threatened to kill Aaron White and, horror of horrors, had even used the “N” word. The use of the “ was surreptitiously taped by his own son making disparaging remarks about a black female, he literally offered to commit suicide if it would atone for his “sin.”

Among the shameful racial demagoguery displayed at the trial was the claim that Long Island, with its large white population, is “racist.” The claim was somehow meant to bolster John White’s supposed “lynch mob” fears. In fact, many of the white denizens of Long Island are refugees from New York, ethnically cleansed by black and other nonwhite crime, and, without the taxpayer financed social benefits enjoyed by nonwhites. Unable to afford to live in New York, these “white flight” victims are supposedly “racist” by politically correct standards.

In a racial case like White/Cicciaro, allegations of Cicciaro’s supposed “racism” made him less than human in the eyes of the court. Judge Kahn cited the numerous letters she received on White’s behalf in passing the sentence, while adding weasel words to pretend that she had not been intimidated: “The sentence imposed today is not meant as a value of the life of Daniel Cicciaro.” She also lambasted Cicciaro’s friends, seeming to bolster White’s “" claims. Kahn handed White a one and a third to 4 year sentence for second degree manslaughter, plus 2 years for possession of an illegal gun. Both sentences will be served concurrently.

Even with such a lenient sentence, the ambulance chasing race hustlers are not finished. White’s lawyers launched an appeal, which sees their client freed on bond. In the wake of the outrageous sentence, the Cicciaro family was wracked with anguish. Daniel’s father, unable to contain himself, burst out: “Well, let’s see what happens when Aaron White gets shot, and see how the laws are. Let’s see what happens now.” Instead of letting well enough alone and leaving a broken family to its grief, White’s lawyers are going for blood. Playing on the Hollywood fantasy of Italian revenge, the White legal team’s Fred Brewington gave the government until noon on the following day to look into charging Daniel Cicciaro Sr., or else they would go to the federal government. A cowering prosecutor, James Chalifoux, pledged that he would inform the police about the words of the grieving Cicciaro Sr.

The White case and sentence shows yet again that white people are second class citizens when their interests conflict with protected groups. We are allowed to be victimized and subjected to racist stereotypes in furtherance of the ultimate goal of displacing us as a people.