European American Advocates Set Newspaper Straight

Our friends at Resisting Defamation don’t take kindly to anti-white smears.

Good morning!

The entire Mercury News editorial board needs to take a close look at the racist and divisive scribblings of Ruben Navarrette (pictured right) before endorsing them by publication. Navarrette is silly and vicious at the same time. Your paper today (3/16/08, p. 13A) said:

“…Geraldine Ferraro served three terms in Congress representing a blue-collar enclave in Queens — the Archie Bunker district.”

Navarrette bizarrely refers to Archie Bunker as a “fictionalized constituent.”

This is plainly a race-based smear against blue-collar working white Americans who are tagged by Navarrette with a hate caricature that was created from the twisted mind of Norman Milton Lear. The “Archie Bunker” beloved by Navarrette never existed and, in fact, was created as part of the on-going campaign of defamation against European Americans.

While Navarrette lacks any empathy for others, this would be like someone trying to link Governor Bill Richardson with “Speedy Gonzales” because, well, “Speedy Gonzales” is a “fictionalized constituent.” But who knows? Navarrette might think “Speedy Gonzales” is an adorable and real mouse.

Enough with the bigotry of relying on hate caricatures by Navarrette and your editorial board.

–Resisting Defamation

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