Thursday, July 29, 2021
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US Embassy Attack Shows Growing Resistance

Long weekend of unrest expected

Well over 200,000 Serbs took to the streets of the capital Belgrade on Thursday, in a massive show of force against the secession of and the European Union.

About 200 of the protestors broke off from the main procession and smashed down the doors of the US embassy. Inside, militants set parts of the building ablaze, and flames and smoke billowed out of the front of the edifice. Militants were seen wielding Serbian flags on the embassy’s balcony to chants of "Serbia! Serbia!" No embassy employees were injured as the mission had been closed after George Bush announced that he would recognize the new statelet. The nearby Croatian embassy was also hit, and police made a number of arrests, with injuries on both sides.

The protests come against the Ottoman Turks at the Field of Blackbirds.

Meanwhile, sympathy actions are in the works elsewhere. Expatriate Serbs are planning protests this coming weekend, while in Prague hundred of Czechs protest against Kosovo’s independence on Thursday. Czechs armed with Serb and Czech flags descended on Palacky Square, where organizer Ivan Hadrava addressed the rally.


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