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Black Police Officer Says They Cannot Cope with Immigrant Crime Wave

One of the most senior black police officers in Britain, Mike Fuller, Chief Constable of Kent, says police are struggling to cope with a wave of violent crime caused by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

By News Team  

Because he is black, it will be very difficult for the media and the usual Labour/Tory/Lib-Dem gang to accuse him of being a racist.

Fuller blames these “migration surges” for a 35 per cent rise in violent crime in his county. His worries are voiced in a letter to Home Secretary which was leaked at the weekend.

He told the Home Secretary: “It is essential that I set out the impact that population growth is having in Kent and the pressure it is placing on finite resources.”

Fuller said his force alone will need more than 550 extra bobbies on the beat if the population explosion in the county – in which 80 per cent of new arrivals are from abroad – continues.Britain is currently experiencing its biggest influx in history, with 520 new immigrants arriving every day.

Sir Andrew Green, of MigrationWatch UK, said: “These problems stem from a rapid increase in population resulting directly from uncontrolled immigration. We must get a grip of the numbers and soon.”

Fuller said in his letter: “There’s a danger that if the future funding regime fails to respond to dynamic changes in migration, the extra demand this generates will impact negatively on performance.”

His fears are the latest in a long list of warnings about the effects of Labour’s open-door immigration policy on Britain’s services and communities. A rise in crime is just one of 15 key problems caused by mass migration, according to the Local Government Association.

Fuller said Government predictions have proved wholly unreliable and funding has failed to match the huge influx of new arrivals. The population of Kent is set to rise by almost 20 per cent in the next 20 years to 1.9 million.

Fuller warned the multi-million- pound cost of translation services alone is placing a strain on his limited resources.

Last September, the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police, Julie Spence, said her force was struggling to control the disorder resulting from mass immigration.

Last November, the LGA warned mass migration was having a catastrophic effects on services and communities. The survey of 100 local councils found that in some areas three-quarters of children are now born to foreign-born mothers while three in four pupils in some education authorities do not speak English as a first language.


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