Clintons Leave No Fingerprints

The couple have skillfully steered the nomination campaign toward race

By John Mercurio

First, a quick show of hands: How many of you honestly thought we’d make it through this Democratic presidential primary without a bruising debate over race? Whether or not the Clintons were involved, this conversation is hardly shocking. And before it’s over, it will likely grow more intense. What is surprising, however, is how skillfully, and with how much brilliant calculation, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband steered the nomination campaign toward these turbulent waters. She’s done nothing but win since this debate began and even if she loses on Saturday in South Carolina, she’s framed the campaign in a way that lets her live to fight another day. Perhaps even more surprising has been the media’s willingness to be played.

With South Carolina still in the distant future, Clinton stood in New Hampshire earlier this month and said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream only became realized when Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act.