Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Limerick Socialist Youth Demand Anti-Racism Rally

Emerlad Isle’s backlash to rampant immigration riles brainwashed youngsters

The left party are organising the rallies around the country on the theme of ‘Never Again! No to racism and attacks on our democratic rights.’

In Limerick rallies are being organized in the University of Limerick at 1pm and in the city centre at 4pm next Wednesday.

“We are organising these rallies not just to remember those who were killed by the Nazis, but also to draw a line in the sand and say that we will not accept fascism, racism or the ongoing attacks on our democratic rights,” said Cian Prendiville, Limerick Socialist Youth.

“Increasingly, racist ideas are being whipped up, with migrant workers being scapegoated for lowering wages. In reality the real culprits are big business in their drive for more profits. Racists try to claim they are the majority, using ‘common sense’. This rally is a chance to show they are wrong, and voice your opposition to racism,” Ms Fitzgerald said.



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