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UK: ‘White Flight’ is Fact

By News Team

We know it, you know it and now, apparently, the government knows it! So what is it that we all now know? Well, the flight of the white middle classes from the inner cities doesn’t just exist – it is accelerating! According to an article in today’s Daily Torygraph, Trevor Phillips, the Government’s race relations chief, has warned that white-flight is deepening racial segregation and that there is growing polarisation of the country along ethnic lines.However, some believe that his use of the emotive term ”white flight” will fuel the controversy ignited recently by the Bishop of The bishop said, only last week, that some Muslim enclaves were “no-go areas” for Christians – a description many would extend to “non-Muslims”!

Phillips, who is head of the Government’s so-called “Equality and Human Rights Commission”, apparently agrees with the bishop in that white families are moving out of areas with high ethnic minority populations. Interviewed on Radio Four’s Today programme, Phillips is reported to have claimed: “There are areas in which there is no contact or very little contact between different ethnic and cultural groups. Nobody is putting up walls and gates but we all know that in virtually every big city there are places where different kinds of people feel uncomfortable, whether that is Asians in so-called white areas or white people in so-called black areas.” And, as previously stated by the British National Party, he further claims that “We know that That schools – we know this from studies done by Bristol University – are becoming more segregated than the areas they sit in. So there is a phenomenon we have to deal with and I think that the Bishop of Rochester was right to raise this.” However it appears that both the Government and the Opposition are in a state of denial over the issue of “white-flight”! According to Government ministers, white families are abandoning our increasingly “enriched” cities – not because of enforced multiculturalism – but because of “house price fluctuations”. This is not a view supported by the former Commission for Racial Equality – now the “Equality and Human Rights Commission” – which discovered last year that a quarter of Britons wanted to live in an all-white area (presumably a great many more didn’t like to say)!

Also previously pointed out by the British National Party, “white-flight” has been especially notable in Greater London – a phenomenon that will lead to native Britons becoming a minority throughout the London metropolitan area within five to ten years! Indeed, last year, nearly 245,000 people left inner London boroughs for the suburbs, rural areas, or new lives abroad – which is around 20,000 per borough!

“White-flight” is a symptom, not of “house price fluctuation” – as government ministers apparently believe, but of the dispossession of the native British people of their cities in the shorter term and of their country in the longer!


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