A Flood of Katrina Suits

Katrina victims swamp corps with trillions in claims

By Brad Heath, USA TODAY

Tens of thousands of people whose property was destroyed when Hurricane http://www.wvwnews.net/story.php?id=2704 overwhelmed New Orleans’ protective levees have filed claims demanding the government pay astronomical sums that would be enough money to make multimillionaires of everyone in Louisiana.

The Army Corps of Engineers received 247 claims from residents, businesses and government agencies seeking $1 billion or more, according to the agency. That’s the tip of a very large iceberg: The corps, which designed and built the city’s storm protections, faces more than 489,000 claims for the damage and deaths in the post-Katrina flooding.

The claims are so massive the government could never hope to pay them. Rather, they are the hopeful — and at times inflated — requests of people reeling from losses. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-01-06-katrina-claims_N.htm

From a Western Voices reader: Now I understand why the poor blacks of New Orleans were so angry after Katrina. It wasn’t just that they were covered with their own feces and the McDonald’s were all closed… They all had been billionaires, except the really rich ones like the black who lost $3 quadrillion of his best stuff in the flooding (250 x the total US GDP). A fairly typical 9th Ward claim for personal injury losses is for $6 trillion. When blacks file fraudulent insurance claims, it is not fraud, it is “hope.”