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Sharpton Rallies in Race Slaying

Sharpton leads rally against Miller Place verdict

Supporters of a black man convicted in the shooting death of a white teenager who went to the man’s Miller Place home to confront the man’s son have insisted all along that if the races were reversed, the legal outcome would have been different.

Yesterday, they gathered outside the courthouse in Riverhead where a jury found John White guilty of second-degree manslaughter, and found a collective

They were buoyed by the Rev. Al of the National Action Network.

With a chant of “Step down, DA, step down, DA” directed at Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota, the crowd of 400 – mostly black, with a smattering of whites and Latinos – made their wishes plain.

But it was the sight of White, flanked by his wife, that brought their most fervent rallying cry.”Free John White! Free John White! Free John White!” they chanted as White took the lectern to make a brief statement.,0,7989683.story

Image: Teen victim Daniel Cicciaro Jr. was gunned down


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