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“Only” 372 cars burn in France as “youths” welcome New Year

After unprecedented security efforts, French officials are boasting that a “mere” 372 cars were torched by immigrant and French born Third World thugs, euphemistically called “youths,” on New Year’s Eve.

French police and Gendarmes (law enforcement attached to the Army) blanketed banlieues, the suburban housing project slums surrounding French cities nationwide, with roving patrols and heavily armed and armored reserves on emergency standby. Among other measures were restrictions on the sale of gasoline in and near high risk areas. Molotov cocktails and vehicle torchings are common methods of violence from the “youths,” though the latest round of suburban mass violence, three nights of in November of 2007, saw widespread deployment of guns against police, with dozens of officers wounded. Police unions have characterized the violence as “low intensity warfare” from “urban guerillas.”

A government spokesperson was upbeat about the New Year “celebration”: “The night was relatively calm, without notable incident, there were very few direct clashes with the security forces.”

The situation was a definite improvement over the end of 2006, which saw 397 cars destroyed. But the same 2006 New Year also saw a much worse incident, a terrifying sustained attack on white New Years train passengers by a gang of 20 immigrant “youths.” The victims were trapped for five hours on the Nice to Lyon New Year’s express, where they were robbed and sexually assaulted at knifepoint. The government attempted to cover up and then downplay the horrifying rampage.A smaller scale but even worse public transit attack at the end of 2007 was overshadowed by the explosion of Third World violence in November., a 23-year old Frenchwoman who worked for the nationalist Valeurs actuelles weekly, was stabbed to death by a convicted “serial rapist of Turkish origin” as she resisted his sexual attack. Anne-Lorraine was on the train heading to meet her family for Mass.

Public transport in France is a blood sport, with indigenous French people consistently expressing their fears in poll results. In the event, Anne-Lorraine’s sacrifice on the altar of political correctness gained little attention compared to that shown for two Third World “youths” who died after crashing a stolen vehicle. Their deaths led to the three nights of sustained violence across France, and the shooting of riot police. In an effort to defuse the tension, President Sarkozy met with the families of the two dead thieves, and only deigned to meet with Anne-Lorraine’s family after sustained outcry from nationalists and others. on the level seen in France is only sustainable with huge and expensive displays of massive police presence and the persecution of those who warn the French people of their peril.


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