EAU: Now Is As Good A Time As Any

“The Executive of the Union has the exclusive right to expel from the national territory, immediately and without necessity of judicial proceedings, all foreigners whose stay it judges inconvenient. Foreigners may not, in any manner, involve themselves in the political affairs of the country.” — Mexican Immigration Law

by Frank Roman

Well, imagine that…

Nobody I know voted for the United States to be flooded by the illegitimate, culturally and racially alien immigrants brought here by corporations to stab working Americans in the back while the tax payer picks up the tab for the additional social services (which most of us could only dream of) required by our unwanted ‘guests.’ Any politician who supports any form of amnesty for these invaders or at best goes milquetoast on the subject is nothing short of a traitor. He or she is aiding and abetting an enemy invasion force and should suffer appropriate consequences. If our ‘leaders’ have no respect for the law, do they really infer that we should? Apparently, they only understand mobs of protestors in the streets or baskets of money dumped into their coffers, sort of like the ‘democracy’ in a banana republic. Wake up European Americans! A guest, or in this case a ‘guest worker’ is someone who is invited, not someone who breaks into your house. Someone who illegally breaks into your house has no ‘right’ to demand anything except swift retribution. These invaders see kindness as a weakness; generosity as a fault. Of course the kind of weakness and generosity we’re talking about emanates from both the left and the right…a lengthy subject for another day.

Bottom line: the Third World wants your money, your job and your future, and those who have allowed the gates to be unlocked when no one was looking knew it would happen. And as always the complicit media — and its counterparts in the pulpits and lecture halls — is continuing the softening program to rob our people of their identity by making them easy prey for the swarthy charms of sunburned invaders. So don’t be afraid to mentally and physically prepare your self for the unpleasantness that can only come by way of treachery, possibilities in fact that may disrupt our consumer driven comfort zone.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, not if you don’t want it to. You don’t have to be ashamed that you’re white, a creation of Nature and those who came before you. No matter how often they say it or imply it, no one can make you not be proud of who your ancestors were. You have a heritage and culture that deserves to be protected. Do you have morals and a dedicated love for your race? Good, do something with it. It is reasonable to defy those whose actions prove they abhor you for who you are. It’s ok to be offended by a government that accommodates those who are contributing to the bankruptcy and alienation in our society. It is permissible to connect with other European Americans and fight for our birthright, society and our very survival. It is all right for you to appreciate that non-whites are fundamentally different than us; to see them for who they really are. In spite of our own imperfections the other nations in the world that are not directed by a caucasian majority, like most inner cities, will reveal what extreme tolerance and political correctness is doing to America; and then ask why our elected government officials are betraying us, transforming the very European derived country you were raised in into a 3rd world squatter’s camp. And as far as who or what is responsible for this state of affairs we’re talking about an enemy that is beatable, that is omnipotent only in the minds of those who are either intellectually lazy or have long ago given in to mass illusion. Do your own research. If we do not stand up for our people, European Americans, in the same manner non-whites and others stand up for each other we will be sealing the fate of not only our grandchildren but our great grandchildren; and there will be absolute hell for them to pay. 

Then again, it doesn’t have to be that way.

European Americans United