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We Won the Battle of Oxford

Oxford Union have broken the mould and the door is now open for other universities to follow Oxford’s lead

News article filed by BNP news team
The policy of no platform has been well and truly undermined following the successful appearance of BNP leader Nick Griffin at the Oxford Union.

Invited by the Union’s debating society to discuss the issue of free speech Mr. Griffin was able to address a packed chamber of around two hundred students and academics.

The evening was partially delayed as a baying mob of 1000 agitators bussed in from all over England tried to prevent ticket-holders entering the historic building. No arrests were made and the police failed to contain a violent gang of around 30 thugs who managed to get inside the Union building. University security staff eventually cleared the protestors and Nick Griffin was able to deliver this speech.A short sound clip of the speech can be, the BNP Press Officer. It is not top quality, but as you can’t get this anywhere else you are hardly in a position to complain! Just click here for the soundfile and if you listen closely you can actually hear the mob of Labour supporters chanting, gnashing their teeth and wailing in the background.

The “no platform” policy has been adopted by the far left to deny the BNP a hearing at Hustings meetings and other public and semi-public events such as university debating societies. The voices of the far left, including Cabinet Ministers and Labour MPs claim that they can defeat the BNP by preventing exposure, “starving us of the oxygen of publicity” they call it and denying members of the public an opportunity to listen to BNP speakers. The Internet and our own increasing media operations have allowed our voice to be heard in ever greater numbers and the closed shop of opinion forming is not as closed as it used to be prior to the advent of the web.

University debating chambers have been lining up for several years to invite Nick Griffin and other BNP spokespersons to address their students. All of the organisers have given in to threats of violence, disruption and campus ostracism. Oxford Union have broken the mould and the door is now open for other universities to follow Oxford’s lead. Despite death threats delivered to Luke Tryl, the President of the Oxford Union, was bold enough to go ahead with significant backing from fellow members of the Union. The Union doesn’t approve of the views of the BNP or any other speakers it invites. It deliberately courts controversy by inviting speakers outside the mainstream as a means of advancing the education of students and providing a privileged platform for debate of contentious and controversial issues as befits one of the oldest and most global revered academic institutions.

Intellectually, physically and morally the BNP has demonstrated to the British people once again that we will not be pushed around or intimidated. We won the battle of Oxford last night, quite simply, because we passionately believe that what we say and what we do is the right thing.


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