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Will Ireland Halt the European Union?

Just 25% of Irish citizens polled in a survey say they would vote Yes in a referendum on the new EU Reform Treaty.

The TNS mrbi poll, commissioned by the Irish Times, indicated a sharp drop in Yes voters compared with a poll on the now defunct EU Constitution in 2005.

Some 62% of Irish respondents said they were undecided on the EU Reform Treaty, agreed in Lisbon last month. The poll showed 13% intending to vote No.

If Irish voters reject the treaty they could throw EU reforms into disarray.

Ireland is constitutionally bound to hold a referendum – and is expected to be the only EU state to do so. The Irish government plans to hold the vote in mid-2008.

All 27 member states have to ratify the new treaty for it to come into force.

Ireland in EU spotlight

The TNS mrbi opinion poll was carried out a week ago with 1,000 adults in all of Ireland’s 43 European election constituencies. Support for the Yes camp was strongest in Dublin.

French far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen is among the Eurosceptics expected to campaign for a No vote in Ireland.

EU governments are aiming for the treaty to come into force in early 2009.

The treaty retains many of the elements of the ill-fated EU Constitution, which was rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005.



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