Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Bush Gives $500 Million to Mexicans for Drug War

But allows from south of border said to play major role in trafficking

By Jerome R.

The White House is announcing the first part of a military assistance program to Mexico to help its military fight 100 Mexican trucking companies run long-haul rigs in the U.S. without restriction.

WND has reported a Drug Enforcement Administration report this year confirmed Mexican commercial drivers play a major role in the country’s drug cartel traffic into the U.S.

The White House included as part of the Iraq Supplemental Funding Request sent to Congress today an unprecedented $500 million for Mexico and $50 million for Central American countries to combat transnational crime and drug smuggling. The White House confirmed the requested $500 million was part of a $1.4 billion program President Bush has discussed to fund “security cooperation” with Mexico.


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