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“Yugoslavia” Again: Terrorist 007

Bosnian Muslim terror suspect Mirshad Bektasevic, linked to Al Qaeda, in court. He was convicted in 2007 of planning terrorist attacks in Bosnia and in Europe.

by Carl Savich

The US media has done it again. In a breaking news story on Fox News on Friday, September 28, 2007, Fox reporter Catherine Herridge used the term “former Yugoslavia” twice in the Fox story “Terrorist 007″. The term Yugoslavia was used deliberately to conceal the fact that the Al Qaeda terrorist known as Terrorist 007, or Irhabi 007 in Arabic, Younes Tsouli, had ties to Bosnia and to Bosnian Muslims who planned terrorist attacks.

Fox News sought to conceal this Al Qaeda connection to Bosnia by using the term “former Yugoslavia” in place of “Bosnia”. This was deliberate and planned. Someone with a red pen crossed out the word “Bosnia” and inserted the bogus term “former Yugoslavia” in its place. Reuters, on the other hand, used the correct term, “Bosnia”. Younes Tsouli’s accomplices were arrested in Bosnia. Fox News, however, says that the arrests were made in a “safe house in the former Yugoslavia”. Irhabi 007 was tied to “recent terror plots … in the former Yugoslavia”, using “Yugoslavia” instead of the correct term, “Bosnia”. FBI Director Robert Mueller used the correct term “Bosnia” in his comments. Where did Fox News get this idea to falsify the facts?It is similar to what happened after the Fort Dix arrests when Albanian Muslims were described as from the “former Yugoslavia” when they were from Kosovo and Macedonia. The US news media did not want Americans to put “Albanian”, “Muslim”, “Al Qaeda”, “Kosovo”, and “terrorism” together. Even in the Fox News report on Irhabi 007, the fact that the Fort Dix terror suspects are ethnic Albanian Muslims is censored and deleted.

The goal was to deliberately mislead and lie to the American people. Obviously Fox News does not want Americans to associate “Bosnia” with Al Qaeda or with terrorism. This clip was transmitted to all the Fox local channels across the United States. The objective is to deceive and trick the average American viewer who will not think twice about this brainwashing technique. Fox pulled a fast one. And they got busted.

Younes Tsouli and his accomplices, Tariq al-Daour and Waseem Mughal, were arrested after a video was seized in Bosnia in 2005. The video showed Bosnian Muslim Mirshad or Mirsad Bektasevic, known by his alias Maximus, posing with weapons and explosives. He is shown with accomplices who announce that they are planning a terrorist attack in Sarajevo. The BBC called the proposed terrorist attack the “Bosnian conspiracy”. Younes and Mughal had Bektasevic’s cell phone number and had exchanged messages with him over the internet. Three other Bosnian Muslims were implicated in the terrorist plot: Bajro Ikanovic, Amir Bajric, and Senad Hasanovic. They were later convicted of plotting terrorist attacks in Bosnia and in Europe and sentenced to prison terms. Bektasevic declared in the video: “We are Muslims. The Lions are coming. We are ready to attack.” Bosnian Muslims were historically regarded as “the Lions of Islam”, the most fanatical Muslim jihadists, during the Ottoman Turkish Empire period. This is the part of the story Fox News wanted to censor and suppress.


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